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We’re Back!! 

We are happy to be back and working. We are currently booking about 10 days in advance. 

Please book ahead for spring! 

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Welcome to Prettypaws

Because your pet deserves the best. Every time.

Find Us:

237 Highland Street, Haliburton ON K0M 1S0
(across from the Haliburton LCBO)

(705) 457-0634

About Prettypaws

Prettypaws was born in Haliburton in October 2013 after head groomer Christopher O’Mara moved back to the area from his post-secondary career at Lakehead University. Our mission was inspired by the incredible groomers that Chris apprenticed under during the time that he was learning to groom – we believe that every pet deserves the absolute best. The best care, the best products, and the best environment.

We are proud to use shampoo products made in Canada by Soos Professional – a line of products formulated with dead sea products and a special focus on skin and coat health. Every pet is individually evaluated when they come into the salon and we select the best combination of shampoos and conditioners for your pet.

Our Team

Chris O'Mara

Chris O'Mara

Owner/Head Hair Sweeper

Born and raised in Haliburton, Chris attened Lakehead University and groomed as a way to pay for graduate studies. Quickly realizing that grooming was his passion Chris returned to Halibuton in 2013 and opened Prettypaws… and the rest is history! 

Chris is owned by three Whippets, a Bedlington, a Lab cross and a fat cat named Felix. 

Melinda O'Mara

Melinda O'Mara

Reception/Administration Lead

Melinda is a retired RN and worked for 30+ years as the Director of Care for Haliburton Highlands Health Services (previously Hyland Crest) before retiring in 2002 and purchasing a gift and souvenir store on the main street of Haliburton.  In 2012 Melinda decided to retire yet again leaving the retail industry, however, when opportunity came she joined us at Prettypaws and is your go-to person for appointments. 

Melinda is owned by a Golden Doodle, a Standard Poodle, and a Hound mix. 

Stephanie Parker

Stephanie Parker

Groomer, Salon lead

Steph joined Prettypaws in 2015 and quickly settled in to be an absolutely invaluable asset. She manages our bathing facilities and is the one responsible for that squeaky clean and fluffy result you have come to love. She is an expert at behaviour and training and quickly earns the trust of the dogs in our care. 

She is owned by a cat, a Shepherd mix, and a Husky mix.

We are passionate about pets... come in and see the difference.

NO FLEXI LEADS! All dogs must be under control at all times. If you need to borrow a leash please ask! We have extra leashes for pets who only have a flexi. 

We are a flea free facility – your pet should be on a monthly preventative and inspected for fleas before coming to the salon. If we find fleas on your pet their groom will be discontinued immediately and you will be responsible for the full cost of the groom and a $30.00 flea clean up fee. 

We reserve the right to discontinue a groom at any time for safety – if we feel that our safety, or the safety of your pet, is in jeopardy we will discontinue the groom. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason – we will not tolerate any sort of nastiness towards our staff or pets in our (or your) care. 

We require our clients to be on a 10 week or less schedule. Any dog not on a 10 week or less schedule will be assessed a fee based on condition. This is for the health and wellbeing of your pet. We strongly encourage pre-booking because our schedule is very full.

We are currently only accepting clients on an application basis as our client list is nearing capacity. If you would like to bring your dog to Prettypaws please call (705) 457-0634 and speak with Melinda. 


Every dog coming into Prettypaws receives a full assessment at drop off where your groomer will discuss with you to determine the best hair cut, shampoo and conditioners to use on your pet. Every pet is unique and as such every pets needs are different. We customize each spa session to your pets individual needs. 

Every groom includes 

– Bath
– Blow dry
– Brush out
– Toe nail trim
– Sanitary trim
– Grooming and trimming as necessary 


Small Dogs – Shih Tzu, Yorkie, small Cockapoo’s, Toy Poodle mixes, Westies, etc
Bath and Brush Out – $45.00+HST
Full Groom $60.00+HST

Medium Dogs – Medium Cockapoos, Wheatons, Cocker Spaniels, etc. 
Bath and Brush Out – $60.00+HST
Full Groom – $75.00+HST

Large Dog – Standard Poodle, Portugese Water Dog, Springer Spaniel, etc
Bath and Brush Out – $70.00+HST
Full Groom $85.00 +HST

Extra Large Dog – Golden Doodle, Poodle mixes, etc 
Bath and Brush Out – $85.00 +HST
Full Groom – $100.00 +HST

Brush out – $45.00 +HST

Lion Clip $75.00 +HST

All prices subject to change at any time for any reason, specifically due to temperment, behaviour, coat condition and type. 


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